Masterbatches (dust free material)

Our extrusion lines can produce thermoplastic pellets with very high concentration of ATO (up to 90%), using all kinds of polymers complying with our customers’ final applications. Our masterbatches produced with the twin-screw extruders provide an excellent dispersion of the active substance in the polymeric support. Some of our masterbatches are also available under micro granules form, which avoids all kind of segregation phenomena during the blending of our masterbatch with other materials under powder presentation.

  • SICABATCH : ATO encapsulated in a polymer
  • SICAMASTER : poly component masterbatches offering complete one-pack flame retardant systems)

We can satisfy any of our customers’ requests even by supplying tailor made packaging. Our standard range includes 25kg paper or PE bags, 500-1000kg super sacks or low melt pre-dosed sachets from 0.5 to 12kg.